Meet The Producer

Jason Szklarek

Jason Szklarek – CEO of


Hello, my name is Jason Szklarek, and I am the owner of Cronicbeats.I started off playing the drums when I was 8 years old. From there on, I developed a deep love for music.

I joined the band from middle school throughout high school. Originally, my dream was to play in a rock band. In my early 20’s, I found that I was more interested in making beats. So I ended up going to School at the Recording Connection in Chicago. 

Ever since then, I have been obsessed with making beats. Just like you, I eat, breathe and shit music. And Just like you, I also wasn’t very good at marketing myself at the beginning either and took me many years to get to where I got today.

 I went under many names that flopped through the years, but it wasn’t until I started Cronicbeats when things changed. Cronicbeats were born in 2011. 

I want to save you from the countless years I wasted trying to figure out how to market myself. I want to share with you the things that I have learned.